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Yachtcontrol offers an easy to use navigation system with infinite possibilities for your computer or laptop.

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Yachtcontrol navigation

The navigation package by Yachtcontrol will lead the way anywhere in the world. Whether you are sailing on the IJsselmeer or on your way to the Caribbean, there is a map available for every part of the world. Yachtcontrol enables you to find the fastest, shortest or most touristic route to every destination. The navigation software is perfectly integrated in our Monitoring & control and Meteo packages. Therefore you have immediate access to all the practical information on the situation aboard and around your ship.

A full navigation package

The program has all navigation functions and navigation data such as speed, course, depth or wind direction.

Route planning

Yachtcontrol Navigation easily calculates the most efficient route to your destination. You also have the option to set your own route with waypoints.

Map view

You can use multiple detailed maps with extensive information. Easily switch between North-up / Heading-up weather and the different zoom options.

Currents and tides

Current arrows and tidestations are available as an extra layer on the Navionics maps. During your sea voyage you are able to view the strength and the direction of the currents all over the world.

AIS objects

The display of AIS objects presents no problem at all for the navigation software. The AIS-signal can determine and display the exact position of other vessels. The AIS also provides you with information on the name, course and sailvelocity of other vessels and calculates where and when you will pass by a ship.

PC Radar

By adding a PC radar-aerial on your ship Yachtcontrol Navigation becomes a fully-fledged navigation solution. The use of the radar in the navigation programme functions effortlessly due to the simple control and the view of a radar-overlay on the digital map.

Polar diagram

Yachtcontrol offers the posibility of displaying a polar diagram of your ship in the navigation screen. Our software calculates how your current speed relates to the speed according to the polar diagram, using speed and wind direction statistics.

Digital maps

Yachtcontrol Navigation uses the worldwide maps by Navionics. These vector maps allow you to view details such as buoys, embankments and harbour entrances on every zoom level effortlessly. For the inland waters of west Europe you can use the digital maps by PC-Navigo. This navigation software takes certain things into account, such as personal preferences, service timetables of locks and bridges, potential obstructions and measurements of your ship.

Navionics connection
PC-Navigo connection

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