Excellent quality under any circumstances

Whilst sailing the data on your display screens will be of great importance. The nautic screens by Yachtcontrol provide you with an excellent view of every single condition in the water.

Build-in screens

Build-in screens are suitable to use inside as well as outside. The display screens can be fitted with a dimmer that goes down to 0%. Therefore, they can also be used when you must sail in darkness. Furthermore they are splash proof and provided with anti-reflection glass that enhances contrast. 

The screens can be installed virtually flat and are available in different shapes and sizes. To enable effortless control the build-in screen can also be provided as touchscreen.   



Neovo monitors are highly appropiate to use on board. These monitors have a glass pane at their disposal that guarantee protection and superior image quality. It is possible to perform everything with one single monitor, as it is fitted with different connections.

Display screens behind glass

One or multiple screens behind a single glass panel. This enables you to integrate your display screens in your cabin in a fashionable manner. The screens are custom made to match your exact preferences. The glass bridge displays can be fixed with touchscreen, dimmers and full glass optical bonding.

Garmin-Volvo Penta

The glass cockpit system from Garmin is a high-quality multi-screen solution for Volvo Penta engines and steering systems. The Glass Cockpit system brings all control information together via one interface of multifunctional touch screens. The displays are available in sizes from 7 to 24 inches, with fully customizable layouts, with the option of up to three displays per control location.