Accurate weather reports

Enjoy your carefree time sailing, by being up to date with the weather.

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Yachtcontrol meteo

Wind, rain, storms, fog and currents. On the water you are very exposed to the influence of the elements. Weather reports are therefore extremely important for water-sports. With Yachtcontrol Meteo you have a complete and professional weather programme at your disposal. The weatherdata is gathered from different sources so you can always distract a reliable forecast. By means of internet connection you will always receive the latest weather report on your sailing area.

Pleasant sailing made possible by an accurate weather report on water-sports.

With Yachtcontrol you always have the most recent weather data, current and tide information.

GRIB weather model

The GRIB GFS & HARMONIE model contains information on the wind, temperature, clouds, rain and waves. This weatherdata is available on a map, enabling you to interpret the weather circumstances without effort.

Rain radar

Get the latest information on approaching rain- and thunderstorms with the rain radar of Europe or the Netherlands.

Weathermaps and satellite images

Compare the weathermap with the satellite images to determine the exact position of fronts and clouds.

Weather forecast

Check weather reports on your sailing area up to 14 days in advance.

Currents and tides

Worldwide information on tides and current indicators of West Europe.

Pinneberg information

Detailed forecasts for vessels by Pinneberg weather service.

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