See and be seen

Navigate safely by making your ship visible under any circumstances and providing you with a clear image of the vessels in your surroundings.

AIS & PC radar

An AIS receiver or transponder is the ultimate safety tool on the water. Due to AIS (Automatic Identification System) you receive a clear view of every surrounding vessel, including information on their course and speed. The AIS signal is received through the Marine VHF radio aerial and displayed in Yachtcontrol Navigation.

PC radar

Safetysystems like radars are an essential navigation tool whilst sailing in rough weather and mistbanks. PC radar displays the radar images of your surroundings in the Yachtcontrol Navigation software. The perfect safety solution for Yachtcontrol Navigation is provided by combining a PC radar with AIS.

AIS transponders

AIS transponders are the most popular within AIS. These classe B transponders have both an AIS receiver and transmitter at their disposal. Hereby, it makes a high visibility of other vessels possible. Furthermore, it allows you to ensure the visibility of your own ship. This system allows you to navigate without further concerns.  

AIS receiver

The AIS receiver allows you to receive AIS information on ships with an AIS transponder classe A or B. This signal is received through the Marine VHF radio aerial. This allows you to navigate safely, as you can track anyone in your surroundings.