Use your smartphone or tablet for switching and dimming

The convenience of being able to operate your lighting, heating and other equipment whenever you like, wherever you are.

Wireless control

Our wireless radio frequency switches provide you with the complete control of the climate and lighting aboard your ship. The sophisticated movementsensors are easily installed on every surface. There is no need for cables as the battery free sensors generate their own energy whilst you operate it with your finger.

Monitoring & control software communicates effortlessly with radio frequency switch signals which enables you to switch or dim at any time by using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Switching and dimming

The Monitoring & control software communicates effortlessly with the radio frequency signals from the switch, allowing you to switch and dim anywhere via a computer, smartphone or tablet.


The lighting aboard can be operated on a single display screen. Lighting that is connected to the system can be switched or dimmed either individually or in groups.


Complete control of the climate aboard your ship. By connecting the heating, airconditioning and ventilation systems you are able to adjust the temperature in every compartment of the ship.


Venetian blinds, shutters and other electronically powered elements can be connected to the wireless control system. This guarantees efficient control by using Monitoring & control.


Generators and tank levels are effortlessly controlled via Monitoring & control, without using your standard control panel.