Enjoy television and music aboard your ship

Also on the water, you can enjoy your favorite shows and music in the best quality.


The entertainment solutions Yachtcontrol offer the same high quality and ease of use aboard that you are accustomed to at home on the couch. Listen to your music on Spotify, or stream your favorite series and movies on Netflix. Yachtcontrol provides a customized solution with the right equipment, speakers and screens.

Satellite TV

If you often go to areas where there is no good infrastructure, you can still have access to a broadcasting channel with satellite TV. This allows you to watch your TV shows in HD image and sound quality in Europe. Yachtcontrol offers various solutions to realize your satellite connection.

TV Online

Make your television experience even more personal. Watch your favorite TV shows or Netflix series whenever you want, on your TV, laptop, tablet and smartphone. With the 4G Yachtcontrol mobile data solutions, you can use “tv on demand” across Europe.



Fusion marine audio systems and speakers are designed and manufactured for use on board ships. You can stream your favorite music directly from your Smartphone or tablet. Multiple speaker zones allow you to control the volume independently by space and with Monitoring & Control, you can control your entertainment system across the entire ship on your touchscreen.