Operate everything on board within one comprehensive system.

Yachtcontrol’s Monitoring & control software enables you to use and monitor your equipment aboard in a simple fashion.


Yachtcontrol possesses its own software package that communicates with the electronics on your ship. Because of this you can effortlessly view all the data you need in one or multiple screens. These screens can also be used to operate your equipment with ease. The software is custom made, you are involved in this process of composing the software, to guarantee a perfect connection with your ship. The Monitoring & control screens are also custom made after your own preferences.

Control over your equipment everywhere

Whether you’re aboard or ashore, Monitoring & control works everywhere. All the equipment that is linked to the Yachtcontrol system is also accesible on your smartphone or tablet. By means of a few buttons the information is displayed in a clear fashion. This means you can check the battery status or camera recordings aboard your ship, even whilst sitting cosily on your sofa at home.


We offer a fully fledged navigationpackage within our software. The programme contains all the navigation functions and data, such as speed, course, depth and wind direction.

Energy control

Link your Victron, Mastervolt or WhisperPower installation with the Yachtcontrol software. The status of the charger, shore power, battery voltage and battery duration are easily supervised. It is even possible to set the charge rate of your combined charger/converter.

Motor connection

All the information on your motors, such as the number of revolutions, usage and oil pressure, can be checked easily by using the Monitoring & control software. Yachtcontrol offers various solutions for both digital and analogue motor systems. There is also a connection possible to our software for electronic propulsion systems.


Yachtcontrol’s software offers multiple solutions. Therefore it is possible to switch to a NMEA2000 relay, apart from your current switchboard. Likewise, systems like Empirbus can be linked to enable switching and dimming via the Yachtcontrol software.


Camera recordings of your ship can also be displayed in Monitoring & control. Via your touchscreen you can direct the cameras and even view the recordings at home on your smartphone or tablet.


Complete climate-control on board. By connecting the heating, airconditioning and ventilation systems you can create the right temperature on every part of the ship.


Tanklevels of the fuel, water and drain tank can be displayed on your screen in liters or in percentages.


Door middel van de overzichtelijke roerstandwijzer ziet u in één oogopslag in welke hoek het roer onder de boot staat.


De verlichting aan boord eenvoudig op één scherm bedienen. LED verlichting die is aangesloten op de het systeem kan u apart en in groepen schakelen of dimmen.

Fusion audio

You can stream your favorite music directly from your Smartphone or tablet. With multiple speaker zones you can control the volume independently per room and with Monitoring & control you can control your entertainment system over the entire ship via your touchscreen.

Yachtcontrol communicates with the electronics aboard your ship

The Monitoring & control software contains an elaborate amount of data types that electronics require on ships, such as NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000, Modbusen CANopen. Yachtcontrol is connected to the NMEA 2000 platform and develops its own hardware for NMEA2000 interfaces.

Battery charge status
Battery power
Battery temperature
Battery voltage
Distance to waypoint
Fuel use
Capi2 connection
Cross track error
Czone connection
Date and time
Empirbus connection
Estimated time arrival
Course to waypoint
Course across ground
Latitude and Longitude
Log total
Log trip
Air pressure
Magnetic direction
Marvair heating/airco
Mastervolt Multi Control
Mastervolt shunt
Engine voltage
Engine status
Engine temperature
Engine hours
Engine water pressure
Engine water temprature

Masterbus Multi Controll
Offshore digital switching
Oil pressure
Oil temperature
PTZ camera controls
Rudder angle
Speed across ground
Tank capacity
Tank level
Time Arrival
Time to go
Trim tab
True heading Power
Victron multi control
Victron overview
True direction
Water pressure
Water temperature
Waypoint Lat / Long
Webasto heater / airco
WhisperPower WPC
WhisperPower Generator
Wind direction
Wind speed
Wind speed Bft